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The following terms and conditions for the application, please read the terms and conditions of service:

The site will process the applicant's application at his own request and will not be responsible for any incorrect information provided by the applicant. And will do everything necessary to provide and secure the correct visa for the applicant on time. But we are not responsible for any errors that may occur when obtaining a visa from the Turkish authority providing visas

If an error has occurred by our visa providing staff, we are obliged to issue a new visa with the correct information, or refund the amount of the visa paid by the applicant/s but the site does not bear any responsibility for consecutive losses, such as: loss of profits, loss of airline tickets, and others.

Cancellation of payments and/or application for a visa

we cannot cancel or refund any payments made to obtain the visa. The visa cannot be cancelled after receiving it. If the visa application is rejected by the authority, the site will be obliged to refund the amount paid by you to your credit card bank account (to the same payment method source) You will be required to apply for a visa through the Turkish embassy in your country. Our site depends on the Turkish visa application from the Turkish government authority, we offer the visa at a higher price than the price sold by the Turkish government agencies for the added good services and quality provided by our site.


We are not responsible for the failure to access to your visa due to any mistake done when filling your email and we cannot guarantee that your request is approved. We will also fulfill our mission by reviewing your request and submitting your data to the government website. The applicant must know that he alone must provide the required documents and travel documents to the Turkish authorities. We also have no responsibility for rejecting the applicant's visa if incomplete or incorrect information is provided by him. The site does not issue visas and is not affiliated with the authority of issuing visas or any official authority. All prices mentioned include taxes imposed by the government. If you do not agree to abide by the terms of use imposed, please do not enter the site.


We reserve the right at any time to: (a) modify, add or create new security measures or procedures without prior notice; (b) comply or temporarily cancel this site to any party or person. (c) - Do all necessary to preserve the security and credibility of the site and the information stored inside


When you visit our site, some personal data are collected after approval. We will not sell your information to anyone. We also maintain the privacy of your information and ensure the maximum security for all applicants  so information will not be leaked to anyone other than the government authority responsible for issuing visas.


The terms and conditions of the service will not be canceled if one or more of these terms is invalid or non applicable

Changing the Terms of Use

The Terms may be changed from time to time without prior notice. Your continued use of this site constitutes the acceptance to these terms and conditions and you  should  review each use